November 26, 2010

{ small business saturday! }

{ yippie! }

On November 27th American Express is hoping that you take this opportunity to skip the big chain stores and spend a little bit { or maybe a lot } of your holiday cash at small, independently owned local businesses.  American Express will thank its members for shopping at these small business. For this first annual Small Business SaturdayAmerican Express card members who enroll online and then use their cards at a small businessthat accepts American Express on Small Business Saturday will 
earn a $25 statement credit.

November 22, 2010

{ the good batch }

{ Stroopwafel }

The Good Batch began with a simple mission:
 bake pure, not overly sweet, delicious food. { smart woman, eh?}

Anna Gordon, the founder and pastry chef of The Good Batch, has a lot of Dutch people in her life, and after years of receiving eager requests for making fresh stroopwafels, she finally did it. And it worked. To get the texture and taste fully saluted by her Dutch counterparts, Anna committed several months, dozens of batches and countless taste testings to create the Classic Stroopwafel. While she was at it, she figured she might as well come up with some of her own variations.

Stroll on down to milk & honey to see what the dutch had up their sleeve in two luscious flavors- classic spiced caramel & cocoa.

via the good batch

{ smith tea }

{ smith has arrived }

Founded by Steve Smith { co-founder of Stash & Tazo } Smith tea is based Portland, Oregon and will knock your socks off with their inventive flavor combinations!

Along with a certain amount of wit, skill and je ne sais quoi, each cup of Smith contains some of the most wonderfully interesting ingredients found anywhere in the world.

all images via smith tea

November 21, 2010

{ rockport }

{ I get  to live here}

Sometimes living at the end {edge} of the earth poses some logistical issues {read psychological}. But then there are the mornings that I get to wake up and see this and somehow everything else falls by the wayside.

rockport, ma - andrews point

November 12, 2010

‎{ savannah bee company }

{ sweet }

Savannah Bee Company's  world-class honey comes from ecologically responsible beekeepers who cherish their bees, and each batch is individually tested to maintain the highest possible quality standards. Filtered then bottled without any processing or additives, our honey is pure and raw, straight from the bee.


winter white

black sage

Enjoy Savannah Bee Company Honey as well as their full line of
body products { more on that later! } at milk & honey!

November 10, 2010

{ sweeteeth }

A gift from a customer awhile back made me swoon
and there was no looking back!

Sweeteeth is an artisan chocolate handmade in Charleston, South Carolina that combines single origin Colombian chocolate with bits of goodness.  Sea is for Caramel, Peanut butter & chipotle, A'Chocolypse (popping ginger), Cinnapsis (cinnamon apple) 
 Come on in and sample a few of these lovelies.

all images via Sweeteeth