November 22, 2010

{ the good batch }

{ Stroopwafel }

The Good Batch began with a simple mission:
 bake pure, not overly sweet, delicious food. { smart woman, eh?}

Anna Gordon, the founder and pastry chef of The Good Batch, has a lot of Dutch people in her life, and after years of receiving eager requests for making fresh stroopwafels, she finally did it. And it worked. To get the texture and taste fully saluted by her Dutch counterparts, Anna committed several months, dozens of batches and countless taste testings to create the Classic Stroopwafel. While she was at it, she figured she might as well come up with some of her own variations.

Stroll on down to milk & honey to see what the dutch had up their sleeve in two luscious flavors- classic spiced caramel & cocoa.

via the good batch

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